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Gourmet on the Go!

Gourmet on the Go!
When not slaving away with only Twitter and mad dog for company, I occasionally have a 'life.' This usually entails cooking for friends, trying far too many wines, and the occasional entire day out. I will post my ramblings, recipes and recommendations here on the 'Gourmet on the Go' blog. Hope you find something of interest!


June 17, 2009

Happy Father’s Day Dad – with love and thanks…

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Father’s day is fast approaching and we are being bombarded with the ‘perfect’ gift or ‘most delicious lunch’ venue ideas that we may or may not feel compelled to treat our Fathers to.

I have just read a beautiful few paragraphs on a website dedicated to the authors Father for Father’s Day.  Tears actually came to this hardened Essex Girls eyes.  Then, as I scrolled down, I saw posted at the bottom a number of ‘great gift ideas’ provided by the website for this ‘special’ day.  To be quite honest, I was sickened by this ‘pull at your heart strings and then steam in for the big sale’ tactic; cheap, tacky and oh so shamelessly manipulative.

I know this goes against the grain of Essex Gourmet and I apologise in advance to all of the businesses listed – at which I have enjoyed many a fabulous lunch and dinner with both of my parents.  However, if my Dad were still alive today, do you know what I would do for him this Sunday?  I would treat him to an intimate lunch at home with his family.

My brother and his family would come along, and we could all sit back together and relax in the garden, chat, laugh and watch my Dads face light up at the antics of his grand children.  Later we’d take a stroll around Lake Meadows, feed the ducks and watch the dogs try in vain to catch a squirrel – simple pleasures.

As a present, I would give him a hand written letter saying ‘thanks’ for all that he has done for me and all that he has given.  I know this all sounds overtly sentimental and corny, although believe me, words left unsaid never leave you, and do not have the chance to touch the person that they were meant for.

So this blog is dedicated to my Father – for the unflinching love and adoration he showed me, for the staunch work ethic and sheer determination he modelled, for instilling an understanding, respect and appreciation for nature, as well as the simple things in life that mean so much, and for his abundant enthusiasm for friends, family, fun & life – I thank him and owe him.

On that note, I know of this great gift idea for…

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