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Butterfly Lodge - Caprilatte Ice Cream

Mersea Road - Abberton - Colchester - Essex - CO5 7LG
Add Your ReviewTel: (01206) 736121Website:

Butterfly Lodge Dairy is situated in Abberton, a beautiful rural village just five miles south of Colchester on the Mersea Road.  The Dairy is run by husband and wife team, Warren and Ellie, and has become famed for its Luxury Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream made from goats milk and goats double cream.

The majority of us love the refreshing, creamy and cooling taste of ice-cream, and I expect that we all have our own particular favourite brand and flavour.  However, I would urge you as a fellow foodie to open your mind and try the wonderful Caprilatte ice cream; you will certainly not be disappointed.

I visited Butterfly Lodge to try this much heralded and highly awarded ice-cream.  To be quite honest, although I tried to be unbiased, I knew that I was not a great lover of goat’s milk, as in the past I had noticed a kind of ‘tangy’ taste when drinking it; so of course, I expected the same of the ice-cream.

I could not have been more wrong.  The luxurious ice-cream is silky smooth, indulgently creamy and sumptuously moreish. If I had not been told that it was made from goat’s milk, I would never have guessed it.

I was duly informed by the enthusiastic and vivacious Warren, that the taste of goats milk and cream is quite significantly affected by the way the goats are reared, what they are fed upon and the way their milk is handled.  He aptly pointed out that I must have only tried goat’s milk purchased from a supermarket – which is true. 

The ninety strong herd of award CAE free pedigree dairy goats that roam freely at Butterfly Lodge, are fed upon top quality red clover and alfalfa hay, with barley straw for bedding.  They are clean and individually well cared for.  The goat’s milk is carefully handled and immediately chilled after milking; the result of which is delicious, lightly creamy, sweet milk.

The ice cream is made in small, carefully controlled batches; to ensure that the taste and texture is kept to an optimum.  There are a staggering thirty-six flavours to choose from, all of which are produced from natural ingredients - most of which are sourced locally - and without the use of artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

From a health perspective, the goats milk ice-cream is lower in fat, chorlesterol and lactose, as well as being easier to digest than cows milk ice-cream; which is excellent news for those with a lactose intolerance or the many of us who like to indulge, without enduring the bulge!

So with all of that health and rearing info out of the way, I shall move swiftly onto the most outstanding aspect of Caprilatte Ice-cream – its taste!  Wow…. Can I have some more please.

Our Summary
The award winning Caprilatte ice-cream is luxurious, naturally produced goat’s milk and double cream ice-cream that is silky smooth, indulgently creamy and sumptuously moreish.  There are a staggering thirty-six flavours to choose from, all of which are produced from natural ingredients without the use of artificial additives or preservatives.  From a health perspective, the ice-cream is lower in fat and lactose, as well as being easier to digest than cows milk ice-cream; an all round winner.  Highly recommended.

Fact File
There are 36 different luxurious flavours of Caprilatte Ice Cream, some of which are seasonal specialities such as Christmas specials including Cinnamon and Spiced Apple or rich Stolen Cake Ice Cream.... Mmmmmm.
9am - 5.30pm
11am - 4pm
Made with 80% pure luxurious cocoa paste
Infused with rich espresso coffee, chocolate covered coffee beans, and topped with real cocoa powder
A delicious combination of fresh English raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, black currants and bilberries
Subtle 'Essex Honey' flavoured ice cream with honeycomb pieces whipped throughout and a delicious honey drizzle sauce
Pure fresh white mint ice cream, polka dotted with the finest
Belgian chocolate chips
Delicate raspberry ice cream with meringue pieces folded through and a rich fresh raspberry coulis
Made using the finest pistachio oil and almond oil, and laced with granulated pistachio nuts
Ice cream made with delicious local strawberries and fresh strawberry coulis
A seductive blend of coffee liqueur and velvet chocolate with a rich chocolate ripple sauce.
½ and 1 litre tubs, or by the cone or small tub in the farm shop. Larger sizes by arrangement.
Major Credit Cards Accepted? Yes
Local Awards:
Caprilatte Ice Cream were nominated for, and won Food Producer of the Year at Essex Life's first ever Fine Food and Dining Awards 2011.
Event Hire:
Yes, the many flavours of Caprilatte can come to you by way of a Victorian Ice Cream Cart. Fabulous for Childrens Parties, Fairs, Shows or Festivals. Contact Warren or Ellie for further details.
Farm Shop:
Butterfly Lodge have their own Farm Shop which sells a whole range of farmed and locally sourced produce. There is a picnic area on site, as well as a cafe - both ideal areas to try some ice-cream! Click here for further details.
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