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Wine and Food Pairing Guide

The Wine Maestro - Food and Wine Matching - Click to view more about The Wine Maestro Carefully selecting a complementary wine to partner a particular dish can bring out the best of both; transforming a good meal or pleasant tipple into a fabulous feast of flavours. Get this partnership wrong and you could end up with a sour taste in your mouth.

The Wine Maestro simplifies the task of wine and food pairing for you, providing informative, straightforward, expert advice & tips, utilising his wealth of knowledge and experience. Enjoy!

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Alsace Pinot Gris

Recipe:  Curried Marrow
Alsace Pinot Gris To persuade a doubter just call marrow a large courgette! I like this recipe which combines a hint of late summer with the warmth of early autumn. You need an aromatic wine to complement this dish so a Pinot Gris (grown up Pinot Grigio) from Alsace would be delicious.
I adore Pinot Gris from The Alsace with Thai Food, Chinese or even Sushi. This wine can carry a lot of spice, making it an ideal match for Eastern Cuisine.

Californian Pinot Noir

Recipe:  Bass Baked in the Bag with Wild Mushrooms
Californian Pinot Noir You would think a white wine should accompany this fish dish but with the added earthy flavours of the wild mushrooms a light but classy red would be a great match. A Pinot Noir from California would be great because of its added warmth, complementing the flavours of this recipe.
Californian Pinot Noir to me is fantastic with Roast Lamb. Also try with Duck, Salmon, Tuna or Beef Sroganoff for a fine pairing.

Chilean Syrah

Recipe:  Pan-Fried Venison with Blackberry Sauce & Celeriac Mash
Chilean Syrah Venison is a rich meat with not much fat and the sauce in this recipe adds to the richness. A well structured but not too heavy red would be ideal: a Chilean Syrah, especially from the newer coastal vineyard regions, shows lovely fruit with good weight.
Try this with a delicious Peppered Steak or any Peppered Red Meat. Also good with Sausages, Hearty Stews & Barbequed red meats.

German Beerenauslese Riesling

Recipe:  Plum & Almond Crumble Slice
German Beerenauslese Riesling Plum and almond is a lovely combination and this tart is particularly delicious, and not overly sweet. Therefore the wine to go with it should be beautifully rich, such as a fine German Beeranauslese Riesling. The grapes for this wine were not only left on the vine but also to shrivel thus increasing their ripeness and intensity. Gorgeous!
Try with grilled or barbequed Fish, Shellfish & light Meats, holds up well to a touch of Spice too.

Portuguese Dao Branco

Recipe:  Smoked Haddock Chowder
Portuguese Dao Branco You don’t always think of wine accompanying soup but smoked haddock chowder is more than just soup; more of a fish stew, it’s comforting with lovely smoky, fishy flavours. Look for Dao Branco, a dry white from Portugal, with hints of lemon and a gentle nuttiness.
This good value dry wine pairs beautifully with fresh seafood and can also carry a dash of spice so try with Asian dishes for a fine partnership.

Premier Cru Chablis

Recipe:  Guinea Fowl with Mustard & Lemon Root Vegetables
Premier Cru Chablis I normally suggest a fairly robust red, such as Gigondas from the Rhône with guinea fowl, but as this fine recipe has lemon notes a gently oaked Chardonnay, with its depth and richness, would be a better match. A Premier Cru Chablis would be a treat!
Chablis cries out to be partnered with Fish & Seafood. Try with white Fish simply grilled. Dover Sole, Turbot or Trout work well, or go the whole hog and team with a plate of fresh local Oysters or Prawns.

Spanish Toro Red

Recipe:  Chorizo & Artichoke Risotto
Spanish Toro Red The spiciness of chorizo goes well with artichokes and is a Spanish dish that calls for, yes, a Spanish wine, red. There have been great improvements in winemaking all over Spain for a number of years so do look for a red from Jumilla or Toro.
This hearty Spanish Red is fabulous with Grilled Red Meat, Lamb and Pasta in Tomato Sauces - give it a go!

Tawny Port

Recipe:  Sticky Cinnamon Figs
Tawny Port I love figs, especially cooked figs as in this recipe, and a wine that would be just perfect is tawny port. Lightly chilled it will more than stand up to the spicy richness of this spectacular fruity dish. And I do mean tawny, not the Vintage Port that is ageing gracefully in your cellar...
Mmm… Tawney Port. A perfect match for hard mild cheeses, such as Cheddar or Gruyere. Perfect with dried fruits like Figs, Dates or Apricots and splendid with Duck or Pork Liver Pate & Fois Gras. Stock up for Christmas!
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