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Wine and Food Pairing Guide

The Wine Maestro - Food and Wine Matching - Click to view more about The Wine Maestro Carefully selecting a complementary wine to partner a particular dish can bring out the best of both; transforming a good meal or pleasant tipple into a fabulous feast of flavours. Get this partnership wrong and you could end up with a sour taste in your mouth.

The Wine Maestro simplifies the task of wine and food pairing for you, providing informative, straightforward, expert advice & tips, utilising his wealth of knowledge and experience. Enjoy!

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Argentine Torrontes

Recipe:  Chicken with Leeks
Argentine Torrontes This is a gentle dish so needs a gentle wine, but a wine with character nevertheless. An unoaked Chardonnay would be a fine match as would a wine from Argentina, Torrontes; medium-bodied this a grape variety, supposedly related to Muscat , that flourishes in the vineyards in the lee of the Andes.
Lovely chilled & sipped as an aperitif and a very good partner for ceviche. Also works well with subtle spices, think Thai and Vietnamese chicken or seafood dishes.

Bandol Rosé

Recipe:  Mediterranean Mussels
Bandol Rosé Normally when a recipe uses a red wine you drink a red. However on this occasion I shall suggest a rosé, a rosé from a Mediterranean vineyard, Bandol. Its pale pink colour belies a wine that has deep, mineral flavours balanced with good acidity.
This fine rose pairs well with charcuterie, light cheese and tomato and mozzarella based salads.

Coteaux du Layon

Recipe:  Pears in Perry
Coteaux du Layon Often pears are poached in red wine so this recipe is refreshingly different and not heavy. Coteaux du Layon is a lovely sweet wine, one of several such wines, from the Loire region. Made with Chenin Blanc grapes which are picked when they are super ripe and shrivelled, possibly affected by noble rot, thus super sweet. Chenin also has great acidity which gives this wine such fine balance.
Mmm, this delicious dessert wine is a perfect partner for apple or fig tarts and is also acclaimed as a surprising partner for foie gras.

Crozes Hermitage, Gigondas

Recipe:  Succulent Braised Venison
Crozes Hermitage, Gigondas The quality of venison has improved dramatically since the days that it had to hung to destruction for it to be tender! Treat yourself to a good red wine from the Rhône: Crozes Hermitage (pure Syrah) or from one of the villages, Gigondas or Vacqueyras, where the wines can be made from several varieties, especially Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah.
A beautiful burst of flavour ideal with roasted lamb or slow cooked mutton. Great with barbequed or pan fried meats such as beef or veal.

Manzanilla Sherry or Navarra Rosado

Recipe:  Kale & Chorizo Broth
Manzanilla Sherry or Navarra Rosado Normally soup can be a bit difficult to match with wine but this delicious combination of robust flavours will be complemented by a wine with good flavours. Manzanilla sherry has a particular style as it is dry with salty, almond notes . If sherry doesn’t appeal stay in Spain go north to the region east of Rioja and try a Navarra Rosado, dry with good fruity flavours.
Good call senor WM – this beautiful dry sherry is simply superb chilled, and served as an aperitif with Olives or roasted salted almonds. Also very good with sushi or smoked fish.

Rioja Reserva

Recipe:  Slow Roast Partridge
Rioja Reserva Partridge is a special treat and this recipe cooks it to perfection, so to make the meal complete you can do no better than serving a Rioja Reserva or, even better, a Rioja Gran Reserva. The judicious ageing of this fruity wine in oak for one or two years, respectively, adds depth and complexity to make a great match with this game bird.
Another great wine to serve with roast lamb or a spicier lamb tagine. Very good with game such as duck confit or roasted pigeon, and beautiful with a full flavoured veg dish like ratatouille.

Village Beaujolais such as Morgon or St Amour

Recipe:  Spiced Parsnip Shepherd's Pie
Village Beaujolais such as Morgon or St Amour ‘Warming spices and sweet parsnips’ need a lovely fruity red to complete this dish. Parsnip is greatly underrated but when used in dishes like this make a wine sing! November is the month when Beaujolais Nouveau is released, but go with a Village Beaujolais such as Morgon or St Amour as they have more weight, structure and flavour.
This more robust Beaujolais pairs well with red meats and hearty dishes - think beef stroganoff or a slow cooked stew.

Vodka, Budweiser, Friuli Pinot Bianco

Recipe:  Smoked Salmon with Beetroot & Vodka Crème Fraîche
Vodka, Budweiser, Friuli Pinot Bianco Vodka, it’s got to be a shot of good vodka with this classic Russian influenced dish - just a shot, ice cold. Or good lager, like Czech Budweiser – just a glass, chilled. Or a Pinot Bianco from Friuli, North East Italy. Dry with balanced acidity and medium bodied. Friuli is renowned for the quality of its white wines.
Delicious with grilled or sautéed seafood such as grilled fresh sardines or a large bowl of steaming seafood pasta. Good with asparagus too.
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