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Wine and Food Pairing Guide

The Wine Maestro - Food and Wine Matching - Click to view more about The Wine Maestro Carefully selecting a complementary wine to partner a particular dish can bring out the best of both; transforming a good meal or pleasant tipple into a fabulous feast of flavours. Get this partnership wrong and you could end up with a sour taste in your mouth.

The Wine Maestro simplifies the task of wine and food pairing for you, providing informative, straightforward, expert advice & tips, utilising his wealth of knowledge and experience. Enjoy!

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Recipe:  Linguine with Crab
Albariño The chilli gives some spicy notes in this dish so the wine should be able to withstand this hint of extra heat. The wine I suggest is Albariño, an aromatic dry white from Galicia up in the north west of Spain where there are few beaches and is dubbed the ‘seafood coast’. Do use a glass of this wine when you cook the recipe.
A perfect partner for prawns, mussels and even a crab or lobster salad if you are flush!

Australian Marsanne

Recipe:  Roasted Butternut Squash With Goat's Cheese
Australian Marsanne The gorgeous big flavours of the squash are complemented by the goat’s cheese so you need a big white wine with a touch of acidity. Australian Marsanne would be ideal especially one from the Victoria vineyards near Melbourne. Marsanne is a grape variety from the Rhône area in France.
This rich and versatile wine matches many foods from asparagus to anti-pasta to white meat and fish.

Californian Merlot

Recipe:  Faisinjan (Wild Duck & Pomegranate Stew)
Californian Merlot Game cooked with fruit is such a classic combination so I suggest a classic red to accompany this dish. A fleshy ripe wine such as a Californian Merlot would be ideal, in spite of the criticism this grape variety received in the film ‘Sideways’...
Try Merlot with roasted or grilled lamb - it works really well. Also good with simple beef or steak dishes.


Recipe:  Oysters in Garlic Butter
Chablis This recipe, which may persuade those who don’t want to eat raw oysters to try them, emphasises its briny flavours with the garlic butter. I would normally suggest a Muscadet sur Lie, with its bright acidity, for raw oysters; however for cooked oysters I prefer a Chablis because it is a weightier dry wine.
Chablis matches brilliantly with all manner of seafood dishes, especially shellfish & crustaceans such as crab, prawns & scallops.

Clairette de Die

Recipe:  Spiced Roasted Apples & Blackberries
Clairette de Die Apple and blackberry: mellow fruitfulness! Clairette de Die is a sparkling wine from the Rhône and is always gently sweet as it is made with the Muscat grape. It is refreshing and accompanies the spices in this delightful autumn dessert.
Clairette de Die is a perfect match for all berries, think Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. Also good with sugared pancakes drizzled with lemon juice - yum.

Greek Red Agiorgitiko

Recipe:  White Wine & Slow-Roast Leg of Lamb
Greek Red Agiorgitiko Whenever I eat lamb that has been slowly roasted, as in this recipe, I am reminded of some of the best meals I’ve enjoyed in Greece. So the wine I recommend comes from Greece: red, it is made with Agiorgitiko grapes and is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. Fruity and spicy it is a great match and well worth seeking out.
Try this fruity red with steaks, barbequed ribs, grilled vegetables or cheese for burst of flavour.

South African Shiraz or Syrah

Recipe:  Parsnip & Celeriac Bake
South African Shiraz or Syrah The robust flavours of parsnip and celeriac require a robustly flavoured wine. Look for a Syrah or Shiraz (they’re both the same grape variety) from South Africa, preferably mature with a couple of years’ ageing.
Try with duck and wild game such as venison for a perfect pairing. Another great wine to serve with steaks or beef too.

White Graves, Bordeaux

Recipe:  Brill with Lettuce & Pea Broth
White Graves, Bordeaux Fish served with this delicious broth requires a wine with good acidity and a hint of voluptuousness! Look for a white Graves which is from Bordeaux; even better if you can find one from Pessac-Léognan, proven to be the best part of the Graves. Made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes with the latter giving the wine structure.
This beautiful wine is a perfect match for simple seafood and white meat dishes, or do as I do and serve as an aperitif.